Gas Smokers

For those who want ot get the best smoke flavor and texture in a very easy way, gas smokers are a good pick.


Electric and pellets smokers require electricity. With gas you just move the propane tank to the part of your backyard for a BBQ party..


Gas provides clean heat with a very easy way to control intensity. Using pellets or wood chips you can get the flavor you look for.

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Easy to manage heat and cooking temperature. Just press the ignite button and turn controls to get the best combustion results for smoking your food.


There´s a good range on sizes to cover your needs: 4 people or 40. Smokers have several racks to place your food. Most common 30” and 40”.

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Gas smokers, how do they work?

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Ease of use as any other gas equipment.

As easy as turn control heat and press ignite, and there you go! Gas smokers work like any other gas equipmet you can have. 

Connect the propane gas tank to the smoker, make sure you have another one to replace if needed, and   

Gas flames to produce clean heat.

The designed heat production system provides several good things:

Firstly, it starts very quickly and has a continuous gas flow.

Secondly, heat is distributed evenly throughout the base of the smoker and this makes it work very efficiently.

Finally, the flames are completelly clean without any dust or  ash flying in the interior. It is a clean system.

smoker gas ahumador how works water smoked

Fire, natural wood chips and water.

The process of smoke production is very simple. Just clean fire, your favourite wood chips and water to provide humidity.

You can find the most popular flavors from wood chips like apple, mesquite, cherry, hickory, and even chips from whiskey barrels wood.

The water is providing the humidity needed to make smoke. 

A full natural process of smoking your food.

gas smokers smoked shelves suasage turkey ahumador grid topbbqs capacity size

Grid capacity and door.

The cooking area capacity is something you need to carefully check.

Gas smokers usually bring several different cooking grids. As an example, they can be the standard, or jerky grids, a rib rack, sausage hangers.

This brings flexibility to cook different food at the same time.

Last thing to take into account is the door. They can have a tempered glass so you can see the cooking or just a steel robust door. 

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TOPBBQs Tips for buying

Now, pay attention to the following words of advice: If you are looking for a smoker with simplicity and good flavor, on a modest budget, go buy a gas smoker.

Gas smokers are those devices that use a direct intake of gas (propane is the most used type of gas) as a heat source. This type of smoker is really well-received thanks to some features: produce a lot of clean heat, as well as you can control the amount of gas that comes into the smoking chamber, then controlling the cooking temperature inside the smoking system.

Gas provides clean heat and is quite easy to control in comparison to charcoal.

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They are also sold in so many models and designs that everyone has a perfect match; you can find large smokers for big meals or restaurants as well as smaller ones to own at home. Let’s talk quickly about one of the most popular gas smokers in the market, the cabinet style smoker.

They have a burner at the bottom, usually made of brass or cast aluminum. This is very durable and has numerous jets (these jets can be opened or closed whenever you want to adjust inside temperature). Above the burner is a shelf for a pan for the wood you will use to smoke the food. Then above the wood, you will have to set up four or more shelves for the food.

The mechanism working in gas smokers is simple, just combustion and smoke.

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The bottom vents cannot be adjusted to make sure the gas gets enough oxygen. At the top, there is either a chimney or a damper or two. You should always leave the top vent open all the way to prevent soot buildup on your meat.

Another advantage you will enjoy while using a gas smoker is that it is much easier to control the temperature of a gasser than a charcoal or wood-fueled smoker.

Also, propane smokers don’t require access to electricity as do pellets and electric smokers. This makes them more portable. And they are lightweight, although the cylinder tanks might weigh up to 20 pounds.

By the way, before using your gas smoker, always be sure to have 2 or 3 more propane cylinders to prevent running out of fuel in the middle of the smoking process.