Electric Smokers


This compact grills are specifically designed to be robust but light and easy to move.


Gas is easy and quick and electric easiest to clean. Charcoal and pellets provide the smoke flavor.

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  • Electric: by generator.
  • Gas: small propane tank.
  • Charcoal: big bag.
  • Pellets: small bag.


There´s a good range on sizes to cover your needs: 4 people or 40. Smokers have several racks to place your food. Most common 26” and 30”.

How do electric smokers work?

Electrical heating source element.

Clean and cheap, the electrical consumption is low compared to other fueling systems. 800 to 1500 watts is the most common range.

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Water and wood chips tray.

As in any other smoker type, water helps controlling heat and wood chips provide a natural authentic smoke flavor.

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Insulated chaber with grates.

Chrome coated racks or grills provide full versatility for your needs. The several layer insulated body to retain heat while smoking. 

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Analog or digital temp control.

Simply as plug in, set temperature in the dial or digital controls and let it work. New features include Wi-Fi for remote check from your phone.

What about the size of your electric smoker: 26'' or 30''

26 inch

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30 inch

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Quality details to pick the right smoker.

Let´s add some wood chips for authentic smoke flavor.

You can choose wood chips from many options to get the best for your meals.

  • Alder: sweet and musky smoke.
  • Apple: sweet, fruity taste.
  • Cherry: fairly sweet and fruity.
  • Hickory: sweet to strong range bacon flavor. 
  • Jack Daniel’s: from famous JD barrels.
  • Lemon: citrus fruity smoke.
  • Mesquite: earthy smoke flavor.
  • Oak: traditional smoke flavor
  • Peach: sweet and woodsy flavor
  • Pear: frsh earth with fruity flavor.
  • Pecan: sweet and mild.

IMPORTANT: Never use any resin woods like Pine or Cedar.

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Pit Boss PBV3D1 3 Series Vertical Electric Smoker

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Pit Boss vertical digital electric smokers are bringing innovation and technology to backyard smoking.