Jim Beam Pellets

Genuine bourbon flavor from oak barrels for your outdoor cooking.

The Jim Beam pellets bring more than 220 years and seven generations, as a result the Jim Beam family has been perfecting the art of bourbon making through unwavering dedication to the craft.

The genuine sweet smoked favor is transferred from wood combustion to the food in minutes but the process started long ago.

Each barrel spent years sitting in a rack house as the bourbon and caramelized sugars seep into the barrel and became locked inside the wood.

Jim Beam bourbon cooking pellets for bbq smokers topbbqs flavor smoked natural wood barrel flavor whiskey
20 lb pellets bag
20 lb pellets bag back

They’ll make any meat, seafood, or vegetable taste great with a smooth smoke of bourbon.

Original charred american white oak barrel staves and heads.

Fire up your smoker or grill, just with 20 pounds of Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Cooking Pellets, you’ll have plenty of fuel to cook different kinds of food. 

Originally from Kentucky, these are obtained from the America´s best bourbon barrels. The dark spots in your pellets are just the char from the inside of the bourbon barrels.

They are made out of 100% all-natural oak. Your city BBQ will be reaching new levels adding this smoked flavor.

The smoky and smooth flavors of bourbon fuse well with beef, chicken, pork, seafood, desserts, and anything else you could think of. 

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Jim Beam bourbon cooking pellets for bbq smokers topbbqs flavor smoked natural wood barrel flavor whiskey barrel head

Jim Beam bourbon barrel head

BBQ grilling and smoking set

Adding bourbon or whiskey flavor?

Both Jim Beam for bourbon and Jack Daniel's for whiskey offer authentic flavor for your smoked meat.

Turn your smoker down to a lower temperature to cook your meat low and slow and as a result get the best flavor. 

Jack Daniel´s wood chips have the same concept taking authentic barrel wood chips for your smoker or ahumador.

Whiskey is a bit more intense and not as sweet as bourbon but the taste is great for pork meat and beef.

We definitely recommend you to try both and add this genuine flavor to your backyard BBQ.

By the way, the smoking flavor is good for desserts too. The smoothy way of cooking will create extremely great taste.