Portable Grills

Find here the best tips, reviews and deals to buy your portable grills and smokers.


This compact grills are specifically designed to be robust but light and easy to move.


Gas is easy and quick and electric easiest to clean. Charcoal and pellets provide the smoke flavor.

the best portable grills and smokers electrical, gas propane, pellets or charcoal for a great BBQ experience. TopBBQs.com.


  • Electric: by generator.
  • Gas: small propane tank.
  • Charcoal: big bag.
  • Pellets: small bag.


There´s a good range on sizes to cover your needs: 4 people or 40. Think about where are you using it. 

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Types of portable grills, which one should I buy?

best tips and reviews for portable grills and smokers outdoor cooking

The first question you need to answer is where are you going to use it? In other words, weight and size matters and you have many different options:

  • Long trail walks: the lighter the better, gas fueled to minimize fuel volume.
  • On the road outdoor camp: weight is not a problem but size is. You need a foldable one.
  • Backyard: for easy storage, wheels are a must. Gas or Charcoal will work, now depends on time. In short, gas fueled are just ignite and cook while charcoal will tahe at least 15 mins to get ready.

      What about the fuel, consider this:

      Electric Grills

      Obviously you will need to have access to a generator if you are outside but this are working pretty well for home, whatever it is indoor or outdoor, in your terrace or backyard.

      Charcoal Grills

      Charcoal grills are the cheapest ones but you are subject to use them where flames are allowed and carry your fuel bags that take up space and weight. Above all, heat control requires more attention as they do not have a thermometer.

      Gas Grills

      Gas grills, generally use standard propane cylinders, for instance 1 pound (16oz) propane tank will allow you to grill for over 3 hours with burners on high. Easy as using the hose regulator included with the grill, simply attach the propane tank, and start grilling.

      Pellets Grills

      Pellets grills are trending in 2020 due to the superior taste they provide to our meat. As happening with charcoal, you will need to bring the pellet bags and be aware of any flames restriction. There are less options but the main brands have good ones.

      Final aspect: tabletop or free-standing


      Napoleon travelQ portable gas propane grill orange outdoor cooking


      coleman roadtrip portable gas grill outdoor cooking standalone

      Check out TOPBBQs portable grills selection

      WEBER Q2200 Portable Gas Grill

      Weber q2200 portable gas grill propane toptable red topbbqs

      This portable grill has everything you need to cook up delicious meals, including 280 square inches of cooking space, porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates, and two folding work tables to make food prep quick and easy. 

      The Weber Q2200 is powered by disposable liquid propane cylinders (not included), and it has a number of high-end features usually reserved for full-size grills, such as a built-in lid thermometer, electronic ignition, and infinite control burner valve.

      On top of the above, it has a lightweight cast aluminum body and ergonomic side handles to make it easy to move from one place to another. 

      Coleman RoadTrip 285 Gas Grill

      This Coleman Roadtrip has 285 square inches of cooking space on its nonstick aluminum grates, which sit over three burners that you can control separately.

      It includes a collapsible stand for when you want to cook standing up, as well as a tabletop setup for camping or tailgating.

      As an expamle of versatility, you can buy interchangeable cooktops (not included) that allow you to swap out the grill grates for griddles or stove grates.

      Not to mention the grill has two folding shelves, tool hooks, and an InstaStart ignition. Many buyers use this portable grill for camping, but the consensus is that it’s a high-quality all-around portable outdoor grill. 

      Take the BBQ party with you with this portable grills and smokers.

      If you are planning to enjoy a BBQ meal outdoors with your family, you should value the opportunities using portable light barbacues or grids.

      Portable gas grill’s performance is great, firstly, it gets hot quick, secondly, cooks food evenly, and finally they are easy to clean when you finish. 

      This are affordable grills that come from the most well-known brands, like TraegerPit Boss or Coleman and, most importantly, they have all the features to cook up delicious meals.