Gas Grills

Just as easy as turn on the gas and press the ignition button and it will be ready in 5 mins. You can have multiple heating zones, roaster, infrared zones, thermometers, and endless features.

for backyard

They are designed for easy  move in your backyard with big sizes, multiple burners and easy to get great reults.


Gas is easy and quick as pressing igninte and turn on. Excellent taste even cooking meat and seafood at the same time.

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unlimited options

Portable gas grills are cheap, you can find tabletop, stand alone or built-in depending on your needs.


There´s a good range on sizes to cover your needs and always linked to burners. This allows having difernet heat areas for direct and indirect cook.

TOPBBQs Recommended Gas Grills

Weber Spirit II E310 Gas Grill

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Royal Gourmet SG6002 Gas Grill

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Char-Broil Performance Gas Grill

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Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP Gas Grill

Tips to buy the right gas grill for my needs.

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First, answer this questions:

  • Size, have you got space enough?
  • where are you using it, portable, stand alone or built in?
  • Burners and cooking surface, are you cooking for 4 or 40?
  • materials and durability, will it be storaged out in the garden?
  • Propane or natural gas?
  • Special features for grill masters, this is cool!

                        Now, let´s go one by one.

Which size is the addecuate for me?

If you just grill occasionally and don’t have a lot of yard or deck space for a permanent grill, a tabletop model might be the perfect fit for you light and small.

If you plan on cooking outdoors in your backyard often, a larger grill will be a better option and if you have plenty of space maybe you want a built-in solution into a fully featured BBQ area.

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Portable, stand alone or built-in.

Obviously portable implies reduced weight and size but means versatility to cook in a camp, in your neighbours backyard or take it to your mom´s home.

If you are mainly planning to use your grill at home in your backyard, a stand alone one will be the right choice.They usually have wheels so are very easy to move and storage in your garage, the price range is from $100 to $3,000 or more and consecuently the cook performance and possibilities are up to your cook creativity.

You can take the BBQ experience to the next level if you have an outdoor kitchen area. if thi is the case, you will be able to fit a built-in gas grill unit.

Cooking surface tips: gas grill´s burners

The number of burners offer the posibility to cook at different temperatures, with indirect heat cooking and other ways to enhance your outdoor cooking habilities.

On the other hand, affects the speed of cooking, preheating time, and searing power.

A grill with at least two burners offers more flexibility and temperature control. Surface area, in square inches, is the most important measurement when evaluating size.

A 450- to 500-square-inch grill is sufficient for most—these models can cook up to 24 burgers at a time.

Some gas barbecue grills even include additional rear and side heating zones that use infrared as the heat source.

These zones not only provide additional places to cook your food, they heat at much higher temperatures, which makes it easier to sear meat and cook steaks.

Look for a grill with a large temperature range instead—premium models may have infrared burners that can climb as high as 700 degrees or more.

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Gas grill´s durability factors.

Will you leave your grill outdoors year-round, or will it have a sheltered storage space? Will you cook on it every single day? Think about how durable you want your grill to be given your needs.

Grill grates are from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and cast iron. Stainless steel has more longevity even though it can discolor from heat; and, over time, cast iron grates may chip or crack.

Grill bodies are often in stainless steel or coated steel. It is durable, while coated steel offers you more color options and as a result it won’t rust if you take care of the coating.

Propane cylinder or natural gas for grills.

If you have a natural gas line, you can use a natural gas grill and forget about running out of gas like when you use propane tanks.

Most of the models from the best brands are available in both fuels but, remember that they are not compatible.

New special features in gas grills.

Depending on the price, you can expect that grills will do a great job cooking meat and charring corn, therefore the purchasing decision might rely on the grill’s unique add-ons.

Do you want lights, a smoker, a rotisserie, or a side burner? It just depends on how you like to cook.

Choosing a gas grill with an automatic starter and a removable upper grate for indirect cooking (ideal for buns, veggies, or cuts of meat) is affordable. A propane gauge is a huge advantage.

Premium features include built-in LED lights and wireless temperature monitors or Wi-Fi heat info from your phone.

gas grills are the easiest way of outdoor cooking.

Gas barbecues and grills are quite popular due to the huge range of options and prices and their great cooking performance.

Just as easy as turn on the gas and press the ignition button and it will be ready in 5 mins. You can have multiple heating zones, roaster, infrared zones, thermometers, and endless features.