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Check all the info to make sure you pick the right one for you: from $25 to $5,000 and more.


Gas is easy and quick and electric the easiest to clean. Charcoal and pellets provide the smoke flavor.

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  • Electric: healthy cooking.
  • Gas: easy and cheap.
  • Charcoal: smoke flavor.
  • Pellets: wood smoke flavor. Easy to control.


There´s a good range on sizes to cover your needs: 4 people or 40. Think about where are you using it. 

Fuel regarding key tips to choose your grill.

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Gas Grills

They generally use standard propane cylinders, for instance 1 pound (16oz) propane tank will allow you to grill for over 3 hours with burners on high.

Easy as using the hose regulator included, simply attach the propane tank, and start grilling. 

Pellets Grills

Pellets are trending in 2020 due to the superior wood taste they provide to our meat, vegetables and seafood. 

Easy to control digitally, the low-temperature slow-cooking process gets the best flavor to make you succeed in your BBQ party.

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Charcoal Grills

The cheapest ones but you are subject to use them where flames are allowed and carry your fuel bags that take up space and weight. 

Above all, heat control requires more attention as you have to work with the vents to control the oxygen flow.

Electric Grills

No-fire cheap equipment and running cost but obviously you will need a network or a generator. 

Just plug and play the fat removing designed grates are perfect for healthy food with excellent results in seafood or vegetables.

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Fuel types for grills: which one is better for you.

To be clear, there´s no a better one, they are simply different. One is cheaper when shopping but requires more attention to get good cooking results, others are easy to manage but expensive.

Depending on the fuel used in your grill, you’ll have to manage cooking time according to the temperature’s rising ratio.

You have to keep in mind the grill’s size and safety recommendations too.

All right now, let’s get into business so you can pick the best for your needs:

This type of device is worldwide used by professionals and amateurs, at restaurants and houses due to its very effective cooking capability and usage.

  • These excellent grills are built to work with two methods of fuel delivery, such as using propane contained into a metallic-made portable cylinder or by using the natural gas, which is delivered from a specific natural gas supply establishment, through pipes placed underground united to a permanently installed gas grill.
  • Gas grills are suitable for every space and every person regardless of their expertise in the cooking area since they are easy to use and to clean, they are also very easy to light up since the process of adding coal is not necessary.
  • On the other hand, the cooking temperature is easy to watch as well as fastly reached even after running out of fuel (unlike coal grills which might need up to 15 minutes to reach enough heat to continue cooking).
  • A gas grill is also suitable for food that needs longer cooking time since it is not meant to reach such high temperatures as charcoal grills.

Easy to use, quick start and clean cooking.

  • Other great features of gas grills are their knobs to manage temperature control and the structure with no ash reservoir, which makes it easier to clean.
  • These are the reasons which turn a gas grill into a very useful instrument to have at home.
  • Talking about the safe use of these grills, when it comes to refilling your propane cylinder, you have to take it to the appropriate exchange center to refill it or, simply change it for a newly filled cylinder.
  • We must say now that, to avoid running out of gas in the middle of the grilling process, it is a very good idea to have two or three propane tanks.
  • Firstly, why don’t we talk a little about what a grilling pellet is? These small pieces are made of wood and are becoming popular very quickly since they are made with a variety of flavors and scents.
  • So, small wood pellets can be found in stores with a variety of flavors such as hickory, mesquite, and oak. To grill, they provide a big amount of energy after being lightened-up despite their small size.
  • Meanwhile, as well as they provide the heat to cook the food, they also infuse very different, strong, and charming flavors that result in exquisite cooking and eating experience.
  • Pellet grills have become attractive in a short amount of time thanks to a few great features, such as:
  • They are very energy efficient considering they require little amounts of pellets to cook high-quality meals and they are much less polluting grills thanks to a clean-burning characteristic.

Great easy performance including smoking.

  • These natural wood flavoring pellets are very safe to use since there’s no need to use a lot of them and, there is also no need to use inflammable liquids to burn them up.
  • Here’s now some big deal! You should know that some pellet grills have a dual-fuel working system within which you can switch over to a direct gas intake which can reach higher temperatures faster than pellets.
  • Other models also have very high-tech panels which allow you to control every single one of the grill’s functions and parameters.
  • The pellet grill sounds like a daydream for every person who wishes to own a very efficient, elegant, and versatile device for home, holidays, or work, so why don’t you go and buy one right now, huh?
  • Charcoal grills are the most used type of grill across history and they are still used nowadays by many people around the world. Both professionals and amateur grillers fairly use charcoal since it adds a certain flavor to food meanwhile, cooking reaches perfection.
  • Although a bit more time is required to reach the right cooking temperature when using a charcoal grill, there is no secret concerning how much people love to gather and talk around the glowing grill anticipating the meal.
  • Talking about what to use to light up the grill, you may choose between two options: the classical charcoal briquettes, those that need some liquid (like gasoline, kerosene, or any other safe-to-use flammable liquid such as a standard lighter fluid) to ignite and, the instant-light variety.

The cheapest but the most attention demanding to make it work.

  • Now, attention to a very important piece of advice: You better use a chimney-type lighter to light up the charcoal; it is the fastest and safer method to start (you only need about three pounds of charcoal, a newspaper to crumple, and a match).
  • You will love to own a charcoal grill for your home since they serve a very nice asset when hosting any kind of celebration. Picture yourself cooking delicious food and having fun with friends or family in the progress.
  • Lastly, always remember to stay focus on controlling the temperature of your charcoal grill.
  • Here we are talking about a very useful kitchen asset, an asset that fits every single kitchen design, as well as suitable for outdoor spaces.
  • An electric grill is a grilling device that uses an electric element as a constant supply for the heat source.  Since there are no flames needed in the grilling process, other kinds of fuel like gas or charcoal, are not necessary at all. This means that the only kind of energy this grill uses is electric power.
  • Then, going deeper into the designs of this type of grill, we can find that the food is placed onto the grill’s grate, which is positioned above an electric piece that transforms electrical energy into caloric energy.
  • This energy produces as much heat as many other kinds of fuel, without polluting or producing excessive smoke or dirt.
  • Under the electric pieces of the grill is now positioned a drip pan. This pan, at the bottom of the device, is supposed to catch and collect the extra fat and juices that drip from the food as it cooks.

Improved results and great for seafood and vegetables.

  • An extra feature presented by some models of the electric grill is the flavored ceramic briquettes held by the drip pan. These deluxe briquets are meant to provide extra flavor to the juices collected by the pan so, imagine the delicious juices from the food multiplied by the extra flavor factor.
  • Likewise, another type of electric grill can be found on the market, it has a solid structure as well as deep grooves where the fat and juices are concentrated. The grill that it incorporates is subtly inclined in the direction of a drip tray.

Performance and cleaning

Grilling is a versatile cooking

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Everybody knows that meats and vegetables taste excellent when grilled but, did you know that there are so many other options to cook over a grill

Actually, there is almost no limit: Pizza, pound cake, some fruits, and soft vegetables like avocados are also delicious when grilled

Always eat healthier veggies

Since grills cook at really high temperatures, your veggies will be ready faster and, less time over fire means the most minerals and vitamins to remain in it. 

The shorter the cooking, the higher the nutritional value.

Top flavors

The first reason why most people buy a grill is the addition of that classic flavor and smell to the food.

No matter the fuel you use, the food will always acquire that roast, toasted, smoky flavors, and scents. Don’t forget about the desirable good looking of the grill bars marked on the food.

Those are very top elements that take relevance when choosing whether or not to have a grill.

You should have now a better understanding of which suits the most to your expertise and desires.

Kitchen clean, happy night

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You can take the night off from scrubbing pots and pans, countertops, your stovetop, and even your floor when you grill outdoors. 

Even though we have to say, periodically you will need to give your grill a good scrub-down.

The good news is that most of the time you can just use a stiff wire brush to clean off the grates after you have used it. 

Besides, many gas grills have a “clean” setting which helps burn off food that has fallen under the grates and, no ashes remain since they don’t use charcoal to cook.

Outdoor cooking, healthy tasty food in your backyard BBQ.

Reduce fat in your meals

chicken healthy low fat grilled food BBQ

Grilled meats (as chicken, pork, beef, or fish) actually have lower amounts of fat than frying or even baking since the fat becomes liquid thanks to high cooking temperatures, and drips off of the food as it cooks.

However, we assure you that food will always retain juiciness and flavor regardless of the type of meat you’re cooking, even vegetables acquire such a great flavor and smell.

Condiments and rubs for a better taste

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Grilling uses very high temperatures seal meat and low temperature to smoke it. 

That’s the reason why the process actually seals in every yummy juice, so your food stays tender and moist without adding big amounts of high-calorie oil, butter, or other sauces. 

You can sprinkle condiments on meat or vegetables so they can be mouthwatering and enjoy!

TOP Grills Brands

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Tips for safety grilling

Now, we would like to share some safety tips from the CDC willing that you understand that safety comes first. Enjoy your BBQ and never stop grilling. 

Separate: When you are shopping and you go for the beef, pork, chicken or other meats, pick them up last and then, use insulated bags of other products to store them.

 This way you will avoid cross-contamination.

Chill: Everything that is meat keep it refrigerated until the last minute you are going to grill it. 

Clean: Wash your hands properly with soap before and after handling raw meat and seafood. 

Also do the same with the surfaces you use, the utensils and of course also the grill. 

Cook: Cook using a thermometer to ensure meat is cooked hot enough to kill harmful germs. 

When smoking, keep temperatures inside the smoker at 225°F to 300°F to keep meat a safe temperature while it cooks.

  • 145°F – whole cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and veal (stand-time of 3 minutes at this temperature)
  • 145°F – fish
  • 160°F – hamburgers and other ground beef
  • 165°F – all poultry and pre-cooked meats, like hot dogs.

Key factors to buy the right grill.

There´s no doubt that no many people can resist the idea of a barbecue party outdoors.

Not only the amazing taste and flavour of the foods naturally cooked on the grill but the outdoor cooking is part of the amazing experience.

Here we are providing the essential check list of factors to be considered when selecting your BBQ grill:

  • Size: 4 people or 40. Let´s be realistic if you are not inviting the neighbourhood.
  • Type of fuel: charcoal, pellets and gas are the most common.
  • Material: outdoor hardly exposed, steel and ceramic are trendy.
  • Budget: from $20 to $10.000 or more, it´s up to you. Think a bit first.

Which fuel: charcoal, pellets, gas or electrical?

  • Charcoal: all is about airflow control to regulate the heat.
  • Pellets: taste of wood plus unmatched heat control with digital thermostasts.
  • Gas: just turn the burners on and start.
  • Electric: indoor and easiest to clean, made for apartments or small spaces.